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Come enjoy 200% of life  — inner and outer fulfilment

2023 Course Overview
A Taste of Heaven on Earth for Ladies

Maharishi Vedic Centre, Denmark

7th July - 21st July 2023

1 September - 15th September

Relax            Reconnect          Recharge


Dive within and take your experience

to a whole new level!

We are delighted to invite you to our special ladies' courses for Governors and Sidhas offered in Europe's first Maharishi Vastu Peace Palace. Nestled in a natural green oasis, you will enjoy the enhanced benefits of fortune-creating Maharishi Vastu.


     "Birds of the same feather flock together"

Come and experience the unique nourishing power of transcending with other women

Enjoy group practice of the Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi programme including Yogic Flying.

Dedicate time to enliven your inner bliss and gain deep, restorative rest to accelerate your growth and development of higher states of consciousness.

This course will provide you with everything you are looking for this Summer—inner renewal, delicious meals, nature walks, good company, and enlightening experiences!


Dive within for the best experiences of your life!

All-inclusive package only €79 (Euros) per night.


Includes accommodation in a private room, wholesome organic vegetarian meals, and full knowledge program.

Knowledge theme: Maharishi Addresses the World Assembly on Vedic Science, Maastricht, NL, 12-18 January 1991

The course is held by experienced Mother Divine Course Leaders.


      Realize your full spiritual potential—enlightenment—and enliven world peace through the nourishing power of inner bliss and coherence

Choose your course dates

7th - 21st July 2023

(bookings open until 22nd May)


1 - 15th September 2023

(bookings open until 10th July)

Guest Speaker — Dr. Charlotte Bech


We warmly invite all women to enjoy a variety of special courses in the beautiful, soft atmosphere of Mother Divine’s home in Seelisberg, Switzerland.


It was here that Maharishi founded the Mother Divine Programme more than 37 years ago, and there is still a core group of international Mother Divine creating coherence and bliss for Europe from this location.


The awe-inspiring mountains, lakes, and pure air provide a beautiful background for deepening inner experiences and enhancing outer enjoyment through pleasant forest, lake, and woodland walks.

Photo Gallery of Seelisberg
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